Sew Many Crafts, Sew Little Time

Watch me as I bounce from project to project, never knowing how it will end.

Pearl Snap Bibs October 29, 2010

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I created this bib style on the request from a friend. It turned out so cute that I wanted to make them for my up coming craft fairs.

Its the perfect amount of country chic for that little cowboy or cowgirl in your life.

Teal/Tan Pearl Snap Bib

Pretty n Pink Pearl Snap Bib

Fall Orange Plaid Pearl Snap Bib

If you see any you like and can’t wait until I get them on etsy… Email me!

I’ll post them on my Esty site soon!


SO…… October 28, 2010

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Apparently I didn’t do my research when I picked a blog to talk about and display my crafts….. WordPress won’t allow bloggers to customize their background and/or templates…… Should I change to another blog?!?!

What to do……

In the mean time, I’ll keep posting my fun stuff until I figure out the solution.


Splish, Splash? October 25, 2010

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 End of July I made Loofah Sponges!  In June, I was visiting my parents for a week on the farm.  While helping Mom in the veggie garden, I walked into the shed for a pair of gloves.  It was there I discovered my mom hadn’t touch the assortment of gourds she grew last year!  So I took this “opportunity” and loaded up two trash bags to bring back with me.  🙂 

So one weekend, I got a little time to clean up the gourds and turn them into usable sponges.

Loofah Gourds before their bath.


You want to soak the gourds in order to soften the skin.  This makes it much easier to take off the outer shell.  Had to change the water frequently so dirty water didn’t stain the sponge.

Skinless….  but they still weren’t finished.

This water bath was mixed with some bleach to help get rid of the dark stains from the shell.  I used about a 4:1 ratio of water to bleach.

So pretty and clean! 

These have made great bath sponges!!!


2nd Annual Craftshow at Two Rivers October 24, 2010

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My first craft show is in full swing at Two Rivers Convention Center in Grand Junction.  Now it’s time for me to get my blog going….updates coming soon.


Iron Betty has a new purpose in life….  She’s taken up modeling the diaper bags.


Cute Coffee Cup Sleeves.  Great Stocking Stuffers.  🙂
These Flower Pins are made from Men’s Ties.  They make a great gift for a friend!
Mixer Covers.  These were created after my Mom had enough dusting down her Kithen Aid mixer before using it.
A friend make these amazing belt buckles.  LOVE THEM! 

Sew, why a blog? July 17, 2010

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Hello!  I decided to start blogging my crafty creations as a living diary.  I have so many ideas and start so many different projects that I needed something to help me document it.  I am starting to realize that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree….  I have a memory like my Mom.  🙂